The Problem

The next generation of a disjointed experience

As we examined the American Express Global Commercial journey, there were some very evident gaps when it came to the available product offerings.
On top of the credit and charge cards that they offered there is a wide portfolio of non-card products focused around lending as well as payment solutions. These are excellent add-ons that show the value of American Express versus their competitors.
Also through user testing we found that there was a issue in how content was presented to the users.
The Global Commercial Team

Director of UX (Me)

UX/UI Designer (4)

Product Team:
Director of Product
Product Manager (2)

Director of Engineering
Engineers (8)

Marketing Team:
Director of Marketing
Marketing Manager (2)


User Journey

New flow to acquisition


Our first step was establishing a new user journey. Along with adding new product categories the hypothesis was to add educational pages to give the user more information about how the programs work and what they get once their business gets a program with American Express.

I worked with the marketing teams to create new personas for this new journey. There was overlooked people previously especially ones within the freelance/consultant area.

Whiteboard Sessions
Original Sitemap
Updated Sitemap Proposal



New pages to drive increased acquisition


As we looked at the overall sitemap we started to put in new pages and implement the new journeys to get users down the funnel quicker as well as keeping new customers educated on what they are getting from American Express.

Two of the new gateways were a Business Homepage to direct users to the correct program along with highlighting what a business owner would get with the program.

With these new pages we added SEO pages such an Hubs & Subhubs to drive marketing initiatives, along with a quiz that would help new users find what would fit them best.

Feature 1

Sub Nav

New navigation created an easy experience


Along with this overhaul the sub-navigation came into play. There were two big issues:

  1. The Open brand was being discontinued for new branding.
  2. Move from a business size based navigation to a product focused one.

We started by establishing what we could feature in the sub-nav then tested through how we separated the groups, terminology and if the nav was sticky vs at the top.

Original Subnav
Updated Subnav

Feature 02

New Templates

User tested designs with reusable react components


While we established the sitemap and validated the flow with all stakeholders as well as leadership, the next step was to build new templates for the pages.

The old pages style did not match the Design Language System, the responsive nature was not fluid on top of them not converting as well as they could.

Another big update would be to use and create new reusable react components across all pages.

Pages such as the Business Homepage, Product Detail Pages and Non-Card Pages were on the top of the list for a refresh.

Each page was brought to user testing to learn how the new design as well as tone of the content was received.


Results driven by iterative thinking and testing

As we instituted the new page flows there was an initial impact on how the users were interacting with the pages as well as how they would go through the overall journey.

While all number are strictly confidential I can say:

Page Insights


Product Page views through journey

Avg. Session Duration

Bounce Rate

Acquisition Insights

New Accounts Acquired

Billed Business Acquired

Business Funding Applications

Corporate Program Applications