“You will hear him before you see him…”

That quote came directly from a Director of Product, informing a new team member about their upcoming in-person meeting with me. With a recognizable voice, a robust personality, and a genuine passion for design, my presence resonates throughout office spaces.

For more than two decades, I’ve infused companies with my enthusiasm for discussing creativity, accompanied by a contagious laugh that elevates team energy. Advocating for design and UX within an organization while steering product goals is where my impact takes root.

This distinctive blend of skills uniquely positions me for the next phase of my professional journey. Throughout my entire career, I’ve consistently demonstrated success by applying these aptitudes to achieve high-reaching standards and goals. Here are a few of the strengths I bring to the table to advance your company‚Äôs mission:

Joe Cahill

Leading a design thinking workshop


  • Over the past 20 years, I’ve led global design teams across various product design disciplines. I’ve built bridges of communication between design, engineering, business, marketing, and the C-suite. This collaborative approach fosters a stronger sense of teamwork, allowing us to understand and appreciate each other’s roles.
  • I’ve established a foundation for learning and growth within our design teams mentoring individuals and setting goals to shape their future within the organization. I believe our company should emulate a “teaching hospital,” ensuring everyone has a clear path to success.
  • In the work environment, I’ve embraced the contagious nature of positivity, making it an integral part of my journey as a leader and designer. We should aim for our teammates and clients to find as much joy in their work as we do.


  • As one of the original mentors for ADPlist.org, I’ve spent the last two years connecting with over 300 designers, engineers, career changers, and recent college graduates from 32 countries. It has been an incredible experience, reassuring them that a supportive community exists and helping prepare them for a career in design.
  • Passionately sharing insights about our work has a far-reaching impact. As a public speaker at conferences, meetups, and other events, I’ve strived to raise awareness about users and promote best practices. Being a born and raised New Yorker, I’ve never shied away from addressing large crowds.

Designing not only the hardware for the Gajo Pad, but also building the mobile app.


  • Anticipating the trajectory of technology and user behavior is one of the most exhilarating aspects of this profession. The recent project involving the introduction of new technologies, such as Crypto, NFTs, AR/VR/MR & now AI to a fresh user base has been particularly gratifying, providing ongoing opportunities for learning.
  • During my tenure at American Express, my primary focus centered around identifying the most effective and natural means for global consumers and businesses to access the best card or plan suited to their needs. Through a combination of research and design iterations, we streamlined the entire acquisition process.
  • In addition to my work in the digital product design realm, I have also ventured into the development of physical products with companion apps. This endeavor aims to provide users with a seamless and cohesive experience across both digital and tangible interfaces