The Problem

Giving user value to their content

As a TELCO and content creator platform, YO Mobile wanted to keep up with how users value their content by taking a step into the world of NFTs.

The goal was to take their existing mobile app and develop a roadmap around bringing NFTs to their users.

  • Integrate a┬áblockchain & NFT ecosystem into the app.
  • Give users an easy way to create content & mint NFTs
  • Allow users to show off all the NFTs they acquired.

  • Create a marketplace for users to buy, sell & trade their NFTS

The Yo Mobile Team

Product Design Lead (Me)
Product Designer
Product Team:
Product Manager (1)
Engineers (3)
Marketing Team:
Marketing Manager


Understand the NFT landscape
Creating new standards around new technology

Like most companies figuring out how to bring NFTs to their platforms and how to do it effectively. With this being a new trending technology there were alot of steps everyone was trying to solve for.

We looked at the companies like Instagram, NFT GO, Rariable & Coinbase to fully understand where everyone was looking as a direction. The key take aways were:

  • Making minting a clear and easy process
  • Having a personal wallet that shows all the users NFTs while making them easy to trade/purchase.
  • Add focus to high performing artists to drive sales of their NFTs.

Feature 1

Enabling wallet: Easy setup to get the users started in NFTs.

The first step in getting users set up for minting NFTs, selling NFTs and buying them within the marketplace was having users set up a Blockchain wallet.

Making the wallet setup feel seamless and easy to understand was a key to the first layer of success for this integration.

Educating the users was a key part of this step. Simply walking through the need of this wallet and how it would be the future of all their interactions was a keen piece of copywriting.

Feature 2

Easy Minting: Defining how users show off all their NFTs

The crucial part of turning any of the user’s new or existing content into an NFT was the minting process. We worked through many strategies to give the user a path to fully creating an NFT.

We decided to go with 3 core flows on minting:

  • An easy-to-find button on the main profile page right next to their active block chain wallet.
  • Directly on a piece of content where they can within 1 click start the minting process
  • Within the marketplace to entice users that may be inspired by the art they see.

Once an NFT is minted, the content will have a small flag indicator so users can see what are NFTs and what are regular content.

Feature 3

The New Profile Page: Giving users a new place to show off their NFTs

One huge update to this app overall was adding a new dimension to the users profile page. In the first iteration of the page the user only saw a feed of users updates as well as friends list.

So we added a tab menu to organize all the new items that were coming with this release. The new menu consisted of the feed, media, game trophies and likes. There were future states of the menu that moved the NFTs to its own tab but learning how the NFT adoption was going to go was step 1.

Feature 4

The NFT Marketplace: The all in one place to buy, sell and discover new artists

Now that the ground work was set for the NFTs to be created and the app to be filled with them we wanted to give the users a place to buy sell and trade their NFTs.

With any marketplace we wanted to make sure the users had an easy to way to search, filter and view all the artwork that they will see on the app.

At launch the user would be able to use YoMobile’s internal currency (accumulated by how much time they spend on the app) to buy NFTs.