Create an easy way to answer employee questions

The team at Marsh approached us to create an app for their staff to access information about the company, policies as well as the employees personal info. The plan was to build in a desktop as well as mobile application that we would build from the ground up. From branding, to user experience to building a roadmap for the AI.

Creating an intelligent tool for employees

As we iterated with the team at Marsh & McLennan we learned about their main goals with the tool and built a a series of versions that would suit their MVP needs as well as testing new features and using the users data to create a path for updates along the way.

We wanted to use the cookied data to create a predictive subject that the users would like to get info on. Along with giving them updates on the upcoming events, policies as well as trainings and PTO trackers.


A bot that feels like it’s part of the company

We discussed giving the bot a personality that went with the brand of the company, so I suggested the simple name of ‘Marsha’.

I pulled in the logo as well as the brand color scheme to the icon as well as the chat window.

Chat Version 1

Push Notification
Chat Window

Chat Version 2

Push Notification
Chat Window


Bringing 24/7 HR to enterprise desktop

We discussed doing a stand alone app built for MacOS & Windows that would be available for all employees and be a part of the onboarding.

The MVP chat would include the a foundry of the main HR information that is part of the handbooks and FAQ as well as personal PTO stats.

The next generation chatbot would be backed by an AI with deeper integration to HR system so based on the employee HR searches it will propagate quick link in the chat. It would also set goals for the employees when it comes to trainings and learnings that are relevant for their role.


Questions answered whenever & wherever you are

The plan was also to port the Chatbot onto iOS & Android so the employees can push notifications about office closures,business travel plans as well as expenses.