How mentoring saved my 2020

How mentoring saved my 2020 While the pandemic pushed us all indoors, I found an outlet that really helped me through it. I am a super social person, I love talking about design, art, work, pop culture and everything in between. So the idea of being home all day without a certain level of human

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Product Design Community

Design Culture is Important When you join a creative team, you’re part of a larger community of people—committed to learning and growing—who are as passionate about what they love as you are. A product design community is growing rapidly, and we continue to bring in the most talented and creative individuals

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Sprint 2.0: 4 Day Design Sprints

Sprint 2.0: 4 Day Design Sprints It was a humbling experience to kick off the InRhythmU Speaker Series at InRhythm HQ. InRhythmU was created to foster a culture of continuous education through onsite events and comprehensive workshops for anyone who is looking to learn and grow in their field. As the Director of UX/UI Design

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