Design Culture is Important

When you join a creative team, you’re part of a larger community of people—committed to learning and growing—who are as passionate about what they love as you are. A product design community is growing rapidly, and we continue to bring in the most talented and creative individuals who love helping users and building cool stuff. As Snr. Director of Product Design, I’ve made it my mission to use my 20+ years of design experience to mentor new employees and chart the course for this division’s success. Over two decades of work, I haven’t had a single day where I hated the career path I’ve chosen, and I want to foster that same energy throughout our team. We’re more than a consulting company that places you on a client site; we’re more than a 9-to-5 job. Learning and growth is a part of who we are as students of user experience.

Fueled for Success

Product designers are some of the most passionate, driven people. We do everything, including UX/UI, design, research copywriting, and even Agile scrums and product ownership. Loving what you do as a designer does more than chart a successful career—it also influences people around you, and we want that same high energy and excitement in our everyday work and the educational pursuits of our personal passions. Not everyone understands the best practices or user psychology central to our practice; this is where you come in as a thought leader. Be the expert onsite, and elevate the quality of work for your teams.

Why is all this important? There’s a lot to be said for knowing your client, understanding their brand, being empathetic to their pain point, and creating embedded experiences that build new opportunities. Some agencies and firms only care about the end experience instead of understanding the process or story of a company; being an advocate for the users and the company is what makes for a premier user experience.

A Community Like No Other

We’re a growing community that stays connected, whether it’s through Slack channels, happy hours, book clubs, and Meetups. We’re all here for the same thing: to grow and learn. Everyone is at your disposal because the best growth happens with the support of your peers, so if you want to learn something new or fill gaps in your existing knowledge, just ask!

Another benefit of working with us is the comfort and freedom to talk about your work and passions. We lead and attend “lunch and learn” sessions on client sites, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. You’ll never be alone in your ventures, and our community is here for everything from preparation and coaching to supporting you at your event as enthusiastic audience members.

Work Smarter, not Harder

It’s no secret that Agile and Design Thinking are hot industry buzzwords in our industry. These methodologies are great tools for making work more fun and efficient while inspiring the group collaboration that is at the core of our learning and growth culture. We embody those collective ideals, and design thinking can shape our experiences throughout our lives. When you download a new app, get a new piece of hardware, or even see how text and images are presented in a television show, you’ll find yourself starting that Design Thinking process. How did this feature get included? Why did they do this? Is this design fully effective for their target demographic? Or even something as simple as, “damn, that looks cool!” We research, sketch, iterate, and build experiences ourselves that we know will impact the end user in ways that will make a huge difference without them even realizing what went into it.

When you’re at work representing an industry, you’ll always be presented with challenges. Whether it’s interpersonal differences, tight deadlines, or just broken processes, we always stay positive, focus on the drive that brought us here, communicate openly, and elevate the game for the people we work with. Regardless of who signs the paychecks, we all have a common goal to build something amazing on our client sites. No company is perfect (if they were, we wouldn’t be there to change things!) but how you show up, identify opportunities for improvement, and forge a path forward is what matters, and what sets us apart.

Leadership Takes Ownership

In my work, I listen to our clients’ needs, assess what they’re looking for, and my best-in-class recruiting team finds the perfect match to bring leaders forward . We want to hear about your process, why you make decisions, and how you ultimately reached those decisions. Anyone can push pixels, but it takes a specific type of person to talk about their work at the level we expect. Whether you’re just starting out or have been designing since the 90s, the type of devotion to your career and the disciplines behind it is what makes or breaks our hiring decision. Our selective process ensures not only your growth as a professional and person but also makes sure our clients thrive through work with some of the most impressive talent. Along the way, I make it my mission to check in with you and make sure your client work is on track to keep you challenged and growing constantly.

We hold biweekly calls that give you the opportunity to chat about everything from client site problems to the latest from your fellow designers. No one has all the answers, but we can supply you with the tools and stories you need as a group with a common mission. My primary focus is around your learning and growth; when you leave a job, you’ll be better than when you arrived. We shape consummate professionals, teammates, and leaders within our community, and our accountability on all sides is why we’re built to succeed.

This year we plan on adding more UX/UI designers, visual designers, prototypers, UX researchers, scrum masters, dog lovers, thought leaders, cosplayers, crazy people, and—most of all—people who want to stand in front of a room of people and say, “let me tell you why knowing about *your subject* is important!”