East Coast Cycle


East Coast Cycle Description The rebranding of ECCS was part finding the companies voice and part giving them the professional look that they craved. The clean modern logo and orange accent was a key to giving them a stand out feeling.

K2 Bike Website


Description The K2 website was created along with the relaunch of the 2015 high-end K2 Bikes. The site is made to showcase the bikes with big imagery and features a responsive design, sortable categories, CSS3 animations,  full screen sliders, and clean mobile versions. k2bike.com

Just Finish


Description The Just Finish project was about finding the voice of the people that just start training as well as the elite runners. I came up with a list of the excuses people make to avoid running and worked with the client on the tag line. Along with basic collateral there is a website, clothing

Wen Email Blast


These email blasts were created to promote WEN hair care. The overall clean layout and bright callouts were put into place for customers to stay engaged and click out to the site.

Travel Impressions


Description While rebranding travel impressions, the goal is to give the brand an updated look as well as treat it as the luxury brand is it. Along with a new logo and color scheme, a new booking engine, and internal job tracking platform.



Description The Privatext website was created on the wordpress platform. The parallax site features a clean design, highlighting the apps features while making the site visually appealing to consumers. The site also has a full responsive mobile version. Privatext.co

The Hub


Description The Hub ecommerce website is built on the Magento platform, live syncs to their Point of Sale System, and features large sliders, full blog, and a backend system that can be easily updated by the staff. thehubhq.com



Description The LI2Day Walk site was built in wordpress so the staff can easily update the content. It features large bright CSS3 sliders, social media and photo feeds, and a donation engine. The site also has a full responsive mobile version. Li2daywalk.com