Iron Horse Ad Campaign


Description This iron horse bikes ad campaign was focused around the 2 world championship downhill mountain bikers and the bikes that they road. We decided to go with black and white photos with spotlighting the uci colors. These eventually became full size posters based on customer demand.

East Coast Cycle


East Coast Cycle Description The rebranding of ECCS was part finding the companies voice and part giving them the professional look that they craved. The clean modern logo and orange accent was a key to giving them a stand out feeling.

Just Finish


Description The Just Finish project was about finding the voice of the people that just start training as well as the elite runners. I came up with a list of the excuses people make to avoid running and worked with the client on the tag line. Along with basic collateral there is a website, clothing

Wen Email Blast


These email blasts were created to promote WEN hair care. The overall clean layout and bright callouts were put into place for customers to stay engaged and click out to the site.

Baseball Beginner


Description The Baseball Beginners product packaging is a Target exclusive product. The client requested a mature theme, with a youthful look. The final design incorporated black and white photography with bright orange printing. The overall end cap look lit up off the aisle leaving customer to take notice from a distance.

2015 K2 Catalog


Description The 2015 K2 Bike catalog was designed in coordination with the new website and overall rebranding that brought K2 Bike back to the high-end roots. A clean design and beautifully shot photography made this catalog something shops would want to show off.

Little League World Series AD


Description The concept of this ad was to show that the journey to majors starts in little league. While working on this ad i started picking at a baseball and got all the way to the cork. I placed the cork in the middle of the ad because it’s the heart of baseball.

AGR Property Flyers


Description When creating the logo & branding for AGR, I also took their text heavy flyers and gave them a fresh new look. Using large imagery along with giving the text space to breathe made the client more engaged and apt to reading all the content. These designs also were converted to HTML and used

Iron Horse Sunday Ad


Description This minimalist Ad was created with the idea ‘less is more’ this model was very flashy using a lot of gold components. Zooming in tight on the product and highlighting all that gold lead to a visually stunning Ad.

2011 Argington Catalog


Description The 2011 Argington product catalog was a wonderful combination of gorgeous photography and elegantly shot product photos.  A color coated sections were used to indicate a child’s age and development, these were corresponding with the redesigned website.