SaaS Dashboard


This SaaS dashboard posed a very interesting challenge, not only come up with a new experience for the users to interact with the charts but come up with new ways of displaying the data as well. On the main page, there will be main .js gauges that would animate on load. 3 different colors would

East Coast Cycle


East Coast Cycle Description The rebranding of ECCS was part finding the companies voice and part giving them the professional look that they craved. The clean modern logo and orange accent was a key to giving them a stand out feeling.

Just Finish


Description The Just Finish project was about finding the voice of the people that just start training as well as the elite runners. I came up with a list of the excuses people make to avoid running and worked with the client on the tag line. Along with basic collateral there is a website, clothing

T:Nine Shirts


Carrying over the designs from the bicycle line, these t-shirts were sold in addition bicycle line. Giving that stylish look along with continuity with the instore brand.

2015 K2 Catalog


Description The 2015 K2 Bike catalog was designed in coordination with the new website and overall rebranding that brought K2 Bike back to the high-end roots. A clean design and beautifully shot photography made this catalog something shops would want to show off.