The Problem

New spices need a new design

Some projects fall into your lap, and you know right away that it will be fun and solve a problem that will be different than normal.

Charboys is a BBQ seasonings and sauce company out of Chicago that, as they expanded the product line, was looking for a new look for their marinade packaging.

During this project, we did a competitive analysis, concepting and creating the new designs as well as going through the print production process to ensure the final product meets expectations.


Designs that fill the shelves

As we looked at the landscape of the market, it was obvious that the new designs would have to feel that feel specific to the type of cooking that the customers would be doing.

The overall brand consistency lends itself to bringing energy to the packaging that is eye-catching to the customers as they walk down the aisle.

The other main engagement piece was how the photography was shot and presented on the package. The complete meal seasonings showed how the food is prepared as much as the final completed meal.

Lastly was the typography and how the specific spice name takes center stage on the packaging. The focus is less on the brand name and more on what the spices are.


Determining the new brand direction

While designing the packaging concepts with the clients we went exercises consisting of how the templates would be flexibility for each style of seasonings, how spice levels & features would be displayed.

After some iteration, we landed on the grill themed design with some alterations to add features and use the space better.


Getting the artwork finalized and ready for printing

As we prepped the final files for production we ran into some issues around how to call out the special features, once we ironed out those items it was off to printing.